There are a lot of places around the world where people can visit and learn something from the experience. Trips don’t have to be all about outdoor adventures and fun water activities only. You just have to come up with the places to visit so you can make the most of the experience along with the other students going with you. Here are some activities that will surely make a studierejser or study trip study worthwhile.

Traditional cooking

Each country has its unique flavours. You can easily distinguish the uniqueness of Indian cuisine from Thai dishes. This has something to do with the kind of ingredients that they prepare along with the style of cooking. You can visit places where traditional cooking techniques are taught so you can also learn how the dishes are made. This is fun and educational.  


There are sports that originated or are popular in certain countries. The trip can be all about learning about those sports. This lets you stay healthy and active throughout the trip. It also gives you knowledge about certain sports that you can teach to your friends once you return home.


For educational trips, museums are top of the list. They contain artifacts and other important information. They also have niche appeal. Some museums focus on the history of a country. Others are more focused on famous individuals. Regardless, you will learn something from visiting these museums or will be fascinated with what they have to offer.

City walks

This might seem like an ordinary walk through parks, markets or malls. The truth is it can also be really educational. When you stroll around the city, you will see how people interact with one another. You will also see how exchanges are done in a market. You can learn the ways and means of the locals as you stroll around the city. It can also be relaxing.

Religious structures  

Some countries are very religious with some of them having an official religion. This is also reflected in their churches, temples, and mosques. You can visit these places to know more about the faith of the locals and other information related to religion. A lot of these structures are also mind-blowing, so you will surely appreciate them.

There are a lot of places that would be worth your time if you are doing a study trip. It is up to you though how you make the most of the experience. If you are there just to take selfies, it will definitely be a missed opportunity. You should take notes, ask questions, look around and be very observant. You will experience a lot of new ideas that provide lifelong knowledge.