Peru is home to the world’s largest and most beautiful rainforest. Those who live there understand the importance of nature and its preservation. There is so much you can do to help. With all the wildlife and people who need assistance there, Peru is an excellent place to decide to volunteer. Whether you’re looking to go with a group or are just going to offer some assistance yourself, going to Peru and volunteering is an experience you’re not likely to forget. Here are six things you can do to help this great nation out:

1)  English Class Teacher

In Peru, it isn’t necessary to have a college degree to help share the English language with the kids and adults who wish to learn it. Peru has an extremely underfunded educational system, so most of the students do not have access to learning English any other way without the assistance of volunteers. The vast majority of volunteers do not speak Spanish; although, it certainly helps.

Class sizes in Peru are typically 30 kids. In some private schools who specialize in teaching impoverished people English in Peru, there may be 12 or fewer kids. There are adult classes if you do not feel that you would like to work with children.

Teaching children English can be an extremely awarding experience that offers them a skill they’ll be able to utilize in a future career. Those who teach English in Peru may be able to find hosting with the school to make their trip cheaper. If you have an English Degree, you may be able to work for money teaching English there.

2)  Rainforest Observance And Restoration

Preserving the rainforest is of the utmost importance. Many endangered animals are living in the Amazon Rainforest and it is now under attack. There’s something you can do to help with this situation. Many volunteers choose to go to Peru to help preserve this all too important land. For those who like nature, there are plenty of animals to spot that you’d never see in America. Exotic birds, primates, and other critters call the Rain Forest home.

There are many activities that you may do to help preserve this land. Organic gardening helps keep the soil rich and feed the impoverished nation of Peru. There are also trail maintenance jobs to help us keep an eye on the rain forest and explore it. Invasive bamboo plants that are not native to the area are sucking up the nutrition and water needed for the native plants in the rain forest. You may be asked to help remove this invasive species. Animals need to be counted. A great number of the world’s endangered animals live in Peru. Birds, insects, and even primates need to be counted by eager volunteers.

Planting trees is perhaps the most important job there is in the rainforest. The rain forest is increasingly becoming smaller due to wildfires and humans chopping down trees for lumber. Every tree planted counts. Volunteers may also be asked to plant shrubs and orchids.

3)  Zoo Assistant

Choosing to be a zoo assistant is an excellent way to volunteer in Peru. Those who assist at a zoo there are responsible for a number of different duties. Volunteers are asked to feed animals, clean cages, and help with their medical treatment. Other tasks may be assigned.

This volunteer project is designed for those 18 and up. Most zoos will only allow people to volunteer if they can dedicate at least three hours of work a week. Many endangered species call Peru home. Those who assist at the zoo are also helping to preserve the animals. Keeping them in a clean environment with proper health care is vital to keeping these animals alive and well.

4)  Childcare Center

Many of the children in Peru are growing up in extreme poverty where they lack nutrition, affection, education, and other basic necessity. Volunteer childcare centers have been built to fill the gap. These childcare centers typically have students between the ages of 1 to 5. If you want to volunteer in Peru at this type of facility you must have the patients to deal with children and be at least 18 years old. There are several tasks that you may be asked to do:

-Help With Homework

-Play With The Kids (This Could Include Singing, Dancing, And Crafts)

-Encourage The Children To Love Themselves And Continue On With Education

-Help With Maintenance Tasks (Could Include Cleaning And Cooking)

-Other Activities May Be Yoga and Sports

5)  Medical And Healthcare Assistant

While plenty of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are needed in Peru, anyone can assist with the underfunded medical system.

If you are a nurse or physician, you are greatly needed in Peru. Volunteering in Peru can be a rewarding experience. It’ll look excellent on a resume if you are planning on going back to school or would like to make it easier to get a job when you get back to the states. Many of the people you will be caring for are very impoverished. They do not have access to good or affordable health care. The free clinics offer access to medicine and procedures they would not otherwise be able to get. Here are a few things you may be asked to help with when you volunteer in Peru as a medical professional:

-Conduct Hospital Rounds

-Maintain Files

-Perform Procedures

-Assist With Procedures

-Help Nurse Or Doctor

-Administer Medicine

-Measure Blood Pressure Or Check Fever

6)  Local Horse Training

If you want to be a volunteer in Peru, you have the option to train local horses. Those who are skilled at training horses are in high demand; however, you do not have to know how to volunteer in one of these programs. They also need help with medication administration, feeding,and cleaning the stables.

Is It Time For You To Volunteer In Peru?

This country needs a great amount of help. People like you can make a huge difference in the lives of the Peruvians and the wildlife who also inhabit the country. It isn’t necessary to speak Spanish in any of these options. I’m not saying it wouldn’t help though.