With a plethora of benefits that can go as far as healing anything that sucks the life out of you, traveling really does make a good therapy for humans.

We might take hours and hours discussing why traveling is good for your health, so I’ve decided to keep it in one list. Here are its eight benefits that you don’t notice happening, but it really does:

Traveling Keeps the Mind Sharp

In case you don’t notice it, traveling keeps our mind sharp. It does so as we are exposed to different adventures and challenges that push us to become more resilient.

Scientifically, because of its ability to maintain mental strength due to plausible issues when you’re far from your comfort zone, degenerative diseases are potentially delayed.

It improves our memory and concentration, thus further improving our brain stimulation brought about by meeting new people, trying new experiences, and communing with a lot of different cultures.

Traveling Helps You Manage Your Stress

In more ways than one, traveling can help you manage the stress that isn’t limited to travel concerns—it goes beyond that.

But then again, finding the best suitcase for your trip will help lighten the load of your already stressed mind, and keep things calm and orderly.

When your everyday life feels a bit too toxic, here’s when travel comes in to free your mind from all the toxicity of the city. It does help release the pressure in our bodies as well.

Vacation leaves are there for a reason, so you better take them.

Traveling Improves Sleep Routine

When we’re stressed, we tend to skip sleep and only take as little as possible. It affects our cognitive performance. We often end up being too cranky and acting like kids who didn’t get to buy a shiny new toy.

Traveling helps break that cycle of sleepless nights. Since we’re out of our office chairs with no deadlines to beat, we have the night to ourselves, and it’s our choice to complete the sleep hours recommended for an adult. And since you have nothing else to do, you have no choice but to take that much-needed slumber.

If you’re visiting countries that have an afternoon nap culture, which they refer to as “siesta,” you would be influenced to do the same.

Traveling Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The Framingham Heart Study proves that traveling helps keep a healthy heart.

It’s been found that women who took vacations every six years or less have a lower risk of developing heart problems. It was done by doing a survey among females aged 45-64 and had follow-up research 20 years after.

Because we’re exposed to a different vibe when we travel, we’re more likely to keep our hearts happier than usual.

Traveling has Healing Properties

Believe it or not, traveling promotes healing. It rids us of all the negativity that we’ve acquired through the years, hence allowing us to breathe more freely.

It gives us this sense of complete relief from whatever it is that brings us pain. The new experiences that are waiting for us after the plane has landed are like a figurative promise that things will get better sooner than you thought.

Traveling Shifts Perspective

Being given a chance to see how the world works on a macro level allows us to have a better perspective. Whether it’s about the way you see the world, or how you see yourself, traveling improves the way you think and the way you decide on things.

Traveling Boosts Your Creativity

Most creatives wander around the globe to take inspiration. It may sound high maintenance, but it does really help stimulate the brain to create more thought-provoking books, more entertaining films, and plays, and to be able to come up with songs that are meant to give us last song syndrome.

This is a creative’s way of researching certain things that excite them or something that tickles their curiosity.

If you’re not convinced yet, neuroplasticity, a.k.a, our brain’s adaptability is being tested when we travel, which researchers believe can spark synapses in the brain leading to enhanced creativity.

Traveling Makes You a Better Person

Overall, the experiences that we go through when we travel make us a better person, whether you intend for it to happen or not. It’s a natural effect that makes an improved version of ourselves.

When we’re out there, it teaches us to keep an open mind because no matter how you argue that we’re under the same moon, we’re still taught different things. Not to mention that the word carries a lot of different cultures that may be completely different from our own.

Keeping an open mind helps us adapt to them and avoid offending anyone. Travelling also gives you a better understanding of the world and its people, including yourself.

There’s a case study done by travel site Momondo that showed 76 percent of people said that traveling made them more tolerant, trusting, and accepting of others. It allows us to be more empathetic towards other people who are under a more complicated situation than we are.

If only I could travel all the days of my life, I definitely would. And since most of us can’t do that, it’s best that we dedicate a couple of weeks or months for traveling. A complete holistic experience is so tempting, and there’s no way traveling will go out of style.