When you attend a wedding ceremony, apart from the clothes and the looks of the bride and the groom, the detailed decoration of the venue, if there is any other thing that catches your attention is the way the seating arrangements have been done and the way the tables have been decorated. In this entire thing, the display ideas for the cutlery often attracts the attention of the guest. This is why these days, several innovative and creative designs are being used for the display of cutlery.

Some of the chic hotels and resorts of the country such as The Ritz, The Shagun, The Opulent are some of the places where you can find professional experts who can decorate your wedding dinner table cutlery spread most amazingly and creatively.

In the course of this discussion let us take a look at 5 most exquisite cutlery decorations that can be seen in the hotels and resorts of the current times.

Coconut Tree Arrangement – One of the display ideas of this cutlery on wedding tables that has attained a lot of popularity in the current times is the unique coconut tree arrangement. This is a very neat and creative art created with various form of spoons and forks. This is a form of cutlery arrangement that is merely not attractive but is an arrangement that requires cutlery of various types. Hence you can get different types of cutlery in the same place. From spoons, forks, knives to dessert spoons all of them are used in the same place.

Floral Arrangement – In many occasions, silver cutlery is wrapped in napkins and is arranged in a floral setting. In these settings, the wrapped cutlery in the napkins is arranged in symmetrical circles. They are displayed in burlap. The arrangement has a rustic village and countryside like feel but can be a perfect choice for a countryside theme wedding.

Cutlery With Flowers And Ferns – In some of the wedding parties the cutlery are wrapped in napkins and are decorated with a single stem of a flower or small ferns. It adds to the beauty and the natural romantic fresh feel of the event.

Cutlery in Mason Glass Jars – Many hosts likes to keep the whole affair simple and beautiful. Small mason glass jars are used so that the cutlery can be staked in them. This is a simple and rustic display of cutlery that looks charming and very charming.

Cutlery With Candles – Candles has a special significance when it comes to marriages. If the event is taking place in the evening in some outdoor locations, the candles serve a dual purpose of decoration and illumination. In many such occasions, candles are coupled with cutlery where both are combined to make an attractive and an effective spread.

There can be many other ideas of display of cutlery in the dinner tables of a marriage or a wedding ceremony. All you must do is look through the designs of such spreads and displays to get the most appropriate idea for your occasion.