Egypt is a land of ancient wonders, Pharaohs, the beautiful River Nile and a mix of African and Middle Eastern cultures. It attracts countless tourists every year with its Great Pyramids, Great Sphinx of Giza, Aswan Dam, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Mount Sinai and many other notable landmarks. But before you book your flight and hotel tickets on Yatra, you need to know how to pack smart for your Egypt vacation.

Keep your paperwork in order

Make sure you have your passport, visa, credit cards, traveler’s check and traveler insurance in one place. Organize them in a file and make copies of each document. Organize the copies in another file and keep it in a luggage that is different from the one in which you have your originals. This way, even if one set gets lost, you will have another set to fall back upon. You should also leave a set of copies of all these documents with a relative or friend back at home. So, in case your bags get stolen, your friend can send copies to you and help out. Don’t forget to carry International Student Identity Card or discount ID cards if you have them. Since admission fees to historical sites in Egypt can be pretty expensive, these will come in handy.

Get money wise

It’s best to carry both cash and cards when you are visiting Egypt. The credit or debit card should work internationally, which you will need to confirm with your bank. Cash can be either exchanged into Egyptian pounds or you can carry US dollars which find favour with most hotels and restaurants. Find out if there will be any ATM near your place of stay as well. Loose change and coins should be used to tip drivers and waiters. Wear a money belt to carry all of this and any other valuable with you at all times, to prevent theft in touristy areas.

Dress appropriately

Light cotton clothes are best for Egyptian summers, and light jackets and inners are better for winters. Make sure you are carrying full sleeve shirts or blouses and full length pants, since some places like mosques will require you to wear those. Sufficient and breathable underwear is a must as Egyptian summers can be humid and extreme. Socks, shorts and scarves can come in handy as well, especially scarves for women when they visit mosques. Pack sunglasses, a hat, a swimsuit if applicable and an evening dress if you are planning to party or visit clubs. Avoid carrying gold or silver jewelry and stick to junk, to avoid theft.

Consider essential electronics

Carrying a mobile phone is a must as it will help you connect with friends back home and your travel guide in Egypt easily. Make sure you have ample balance or a prepaid plan. Or you can get an Egyptian SIM card and credit too. Definitely carry a camera with detachable zoom lens in a separate bag, as you would want to capture beautiful moments for sure. Right after you arrive in Egypt, buy an Egyptian travel adapter to charge your devices. So, now that you are all set, log on to Yatra, book your tickets and get ready to say hello to the land of pharaohs!