Although New Jersey looks pretty huge on a map, you can easily get across the state in 48 hours. No matter if you are driving from South to North or from the shore to the other side, you will cross through a variety of different regions with a plethora of things to do in each. Depending on where you are in the state, there will be a different but still satisfying range of activities to participate in and sites to see. So if you are planning an RV rental journey that will be taking you through New Jersey, then check out this guide to spending two days in this vibrant and diverse state.


The South

The southern region of New Jersey is much different from what you know about the northern territory. This section is full of wide swaths of country that is stunningly beautiful and unique. You have hundreds of miles of scenic farmland, many lakes and rivers, and of course the legendary swamp region well known from TV and movies. You may not think of nature and scenic beauty when you envision Jersey, but the fact is that the southern area has more than its fare share.


You will also find a number of quant small towns all throughout the region that are fine to stop and explore. Overall the southern region is the perfect mix of country and town, with miles of lush countryside dotted with small and large metro areas along with all the activities and sites associated with each type of area. You will find to be an enjoyable region pass through in a road trip.


The Shore

New Jersey boasts hundreds of miles of coastline stretching the entire length of the eastern border of the state. From dozens of small beach towns to major party central areas to the legendary Atlantic City, the Jersey shore is diverse and scenic and well worth exploring on any journey. Just driving the coastal roads is enough, with ocean views and many diverse towns to explore. The seafood along the shore is top notch, with fresh dishes served up right from the local waters. No matter if you want a more laid back, down-to-earth establishment or a fine dining experience, you will be able to find what you’re looking for along the coastline. If it’s summertime then by all means take a swim at one of the many beaches, or enjoy a whole beach day if you’re in the mood. Also take advantage of the ample fishing or watersports. Needless to say, if it’s a water scene that you’re into then make sure to hit the coast.

One of the top RV rental trips undertaken by travellers is a drive along the coast, and with New Jersey you have one of the top coasts in the country right at your disposal. No matter if you’re in the south or the north, the beaches are gorgeous in all directions in New Jersey.


The North

In the northern section of the state you will find a more metropolitan region with a character all of its own. This is the industrial, urban area that you will recognize from shows such as The Sopranos and Real Housewives Of New Jersey. This means a whole different experience than the south and the coastline, full of a diverse range of stuff to do and places to see. Cities such as Jersey City are thriving urban regions full of hip eateries, bars and shops. Jersey City is an absolute must. You will be amazed at this diverse and buzzing city. Whether you’re out for a day of shopping, hitting up abundant nightlife, having a nice dinner, or simply walking around and seeing the sites, Jersey City is definitely a great destination.


With its close proximity to New York City, the northern territory has a slick, urbane feel. Action packed and fast paced, you will certainly never be bored in this area. Make sure to check out Hoboken as well, where you can enjoy NYC skyline views, parks along the water, great dining, nightlife galore. If you’re in the mood for action, then definitely make sure that north Jersey is on your list for your 48 hour stay.


An RV rental journey through New Jersey is highly recommended for any traveler, and you can easily take in a wide portion of the state within a 48 hour time period. New Jersey is an incredibly diverse state with a wide range of activities and sites. There are so many different regions in Jersey, each with their own diverse charm, that you will be surprised when you journey through. Each year thousands of travelers take to the open Jersey roadways to explore and have a good time in this rightly famous state.