A short weekend trip is nothing new for most people, however as we are unable to travel like we did before, weekend travel is on the rise as people find the need to fulfill that travel bug.

Step out and be assured with the MySafety experience by MakeMyTrip, which means that you do not have to worry about your cabs and cars being sanitized frequently or if our partner drivers are trained to follow all the necessary safety protocols. This checklist also makes sure that your stays are clean and hygienic and that you always have a well trained staff around you who ensures relevant social distancing rules, and if all essential checks are in place and every safety step is followed well and discipline is maintained.

Regardless whether someone needs a break from that 9 to 5 job (work from home can be exhausting) or simply tired with all the house chores, a weekend getaway suits everyone’s schedule. A road trip is the perfect occasion to just get out of the city and explore various places close by. Just think of it as a mini-vacation that gives you the perfect excuse to take a break from that hectic schedule. You must be already planning that weekend trip but below are some of the reasons why you can trust our MySafety certified stays, cabs and buses.

Outstation Cabs & Airport Transfers

No need to worry about the safety of yourself or your loved ones as we ensure the interiors of our partner vehicles are disinfected for every trip using government recommended sanitisation procedures. Whether it is for that weekend getaway or an airport transfer trip, our stringent safety measure means you can rest better if you book rides online with us. Our sterilization protocols means that our partner cabs follow the highest quality standards of sanitation. All our partner drivers are required to wear masks and gloves while interacting with customers, regular temperature checks of our partner drivers are conducted, they must display their status via the “Aarogyu Setu” app before the commencement of trips and are trained in the highest measure for social distancing and hygiene standards. Additionally our partner taxis will provide customers with records of the last deep cleaning of the vehicle, remain equipped with sanitizers and will strictly follow government rules regarding permitted zones and number of passengers. Lastly for those outstation trips, our partner drivers are not allowed to stop for breaks in red zones and high-risk areas. So rest easy knowing that our MySafety protocols will ensure you have a safer travel experience in our vehicles whether it is for that weekend trip or an airport transfer.

Short Hotel Stays & Weekend Holidays

With people no longer able to go on those long vacations, weekend trips and short road trips will start to become more regular for everyone! For this reason our MySafety and Hygienic Stays checklist ensures all our partner hotels follow a series of sanitisation measures to make sure our customers have a worry-free stay. Whether you book a 5 star-hotel or a BnB hotel, all rooms and washrooms follow a strict disinfection routine using a freshly-prepared bleach solution with emphasis on high-frequency touch points like furniture, door handles, washbasins, etc. before each guest checks-in. The bed-linen in rooms are changed once every two days or at request by guests. Face Masks and gloves will be provided at guest’s request, sanitizers are present for guests at all common areas which are also disinfected every 6 hours. Dining areas and seating arrangements follow social distancing rules, temperature checks for all guests at the hotel’s points of entry and guests recent travel history will be recorded as per government norms. Lastly all staff at our partner hotels undergo mandatory temperature checks twice a day, housekeeping, restaurant and service staff are trained to follow social distancing and sanitary rules as well as wear gloves and masks at all times. These MySafety Practices are in place so that all MakeMyTrip customers can enjoy their stays at our partner hotels for their much needed weekend breaks. Lastly if you have a last minute cancellation, our customers have a Free Cancellation, Zero payment option wherein they can cancel anytime and get a 100% refund.

Zero-Hassle Rides and Stays

All in all, MakeMyTrip’s MySafety checklist is here to give our customers assurances that we are taking the strictest measures to ensure safe and hygienic travel. Whether you are booking an outstation cab or getting an airport transfer, our partner drivers follow the highest of sanitary procedures both for themselves and their vehicles. Our partner hotels ensure that rooms are disinfected before checking in, staff undergo temperature checks regularly and follow social distancing norms while wearing masks and gloves at all times. MySafety is here so that our customers can finally take that long awaited weekend trip or reach home safely from the airport.