With it’s mainland beach attractions, Batangas offers travelers a host of small surrounding islands for an all around exciting trip. Fortune Island is a mysterious island that peaks most travelers interest which draws them to the island. Once a luxurious resort, the Island is a visual oasis of ancient Athenian ruins with an amazingly divine beach landscape of creamy white sand, surrounded by a captivating turquoise sea.

These days it is best to stay at Batangas and enjoy Fortune Island as a day trip.

Commuting to Batangas, Nasugbu, Fortune Beach Resort and then to Fortune Island

Bus: This is a 3-4 hours commute with the added boat ride you’ll need to take. In Metro Manila you can take one of two bus from the Buendia or Baclaran Bus Stations. Your choice options for a bus commute is taking the DTLB or BSC bus bound for the Batangas, Nasugbu Bus Station. You can then exit the bus at Batangas, Nasugbu Bus Station and then further travel to the Fortune Island Beach Resort by tricycle.

Then Boat: Renting a boat to get from the Fortune Island Beach Resort to Fortune Island is just an hour ride boat ride.

Private Car: Traveling to the island via private car will get you to the island in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can drive via the Cavitex by following the Governor’s Road then take the Batangas, Nasugbu Ternate Highway until you reach Batangas, Nasugbu. Then turn right on to C. Alvares. You’ll proceed and keep driving until you come to Apacible Blvd, in which you’ll turn right on Apacible Blvd.Then you’ll proceed straight until you see the Fortune Island Beach Resort. From the resort you’ll still have to rent a boat to get to the island.

Where to stay?

Rent or bring your own tent: You can stay overnight camping on the Fortune Island, which you rent a tent or bring your own. Rented tents on Fortune Island are big enough to hold up to three people inside. If you buy your own you might be able to get something larger in capacity to hold more people.

Fortune Beach Resort: You can rent charming accommodations at the Fortune Island Beach Resort at Batangas, Nasugbu. The resort provides different size rooms for singles, couples and families. Get all of the essentials of comfortable resort accommodations with a sandy beach at  your doorstep.

The best things to do on Fortune Island

Trek to lighthouse: The light house serves as the islands highest point. You can get a great aerial view of Fortune Island by going to the top of the lighthouse. This is the ultimate experience for seeing the gorgeous landscape from the highest point.

Visit shipwreck near Fortune Island: There is shipwreck near the Fortune Island, remnants of the San Diego that sunk in the 1700’s. If you’re an avid scuba diver you can request that your boatman taking you to the spot and see the underwater museum ship. It’s a sight worth seeing.

Cliff dive: Cliff dive off of Fortune Island at heights of 15 to 30 feet from the cliffs. There are various points on the island where people jump at when cliff diving. Cliff diving at these heights will surely give you a euphoric feeling. Diving from the cliffs is one of the most popular things to do on the island.

Snorkel and explore: The water around Fortune Island is so serene that it will sooth you. Snorkeling and exploring the underwater atmosphere will acquaint you with sea life and underwater foliage. This is a highly popular activity and extremely fun for beginners and advanced divers.

Camp at night: If you stay overnight on Fortune Island, you can camp on the grounds. Fortune Island is great for camping, gazing at the stars and making camp bonfires for keeping warm and toasting. Camping is fun for couples as well as groups.

Take memorable photos: With all of it picturesque beauty, you can take photos of Fortune Island. Take pictures with your waterproof camera underwater or land pictures of the Grecian column Acropolis ruins and much more around Fortune Island. These pictures will be great for pastime reminiscing.

Fortune Island is a special place to visit in the Philippines. Located in the open waters, it’s just an hour boat ride away from the Batangas, Nasugbu Fortune Beach Resort. This Island provides visitors an active, fun and awesome experience while on the island. The Fortune Island is a magical and charming spot for travelers with dynamic beauty on and around the island.