The number of travel agencies has soared in the last 15 or so years; this is due to increased international relations and many countries signing memoranda, which are aimed at opening inter-countries’ trade. Nevertheless, the number of ‘the do-it-yourself’ travelers arranging trips manually and online has soared-thanks to globalization.

Doing the planning -yourself’ is seemingly a cheaper approach but before you jump into it, consider the following;

You take so much time doing research on the sites and some of the information may not tell you the exact reality. You spend money and time researching on the hotels and other services you might require

Again, you may not notice the hidden charges that are not clear in the online quotation and this might shock you when you get to the real business. Considering these and many other factors, it might prove a rather difficult and daunting experience.

Thus, many of the travelers have begun to trickle back to the travel agents and here is why.

  • Travel Agents are advisors

Unlike the older generation of travel agents, whose primary objective was booking transactions or taking orders, the new crew of agents will give advice on the best practice. They will give you details of the destination and probably serve you with budget estimates. Most of these will be there for assistance and consultation when there is need- they are more collaborators than mere agents. You need this kind of a person, don’t you? Visit see the much you could save on your trip.

  • You don’t have time to waste when traveling

Carrying out research on the destinations, hotels, and costs for all services may not be a responsibility you want to handle. You’d rather spend a few bucks and get the best from an experienced person- the agent. There could be delays, for instance with some Airlines or any other disruption, you need someone who’s keeping an eye and has dedicated their time to follow-up and update you constantly.

  • When things go wrong, you need a safety net

If you have traveled before, you know that a trip can be canceled, or delayed; your luggage could get lost while traveling -boarding or disembarking. Stuff happens and it is at such moment when you need someone to reassure you when things go south- someone who will work toward getting solutions in such circumstances. In fact, many of these agents offer a 24/7 assistance on phone and email.

  • You don’t want to go wrong

A trip to the next state may not be a bother as such but when it comes to traveling to another country, it is complicated. The stakes are far too high to make mistakes and you’d rather spend much more to hire a travel agent who can put everything in order. The agents act as pointers to the best guides and where you are required to coordinate itineraries, with friends or family, these guys come in handy.

The bottom line

When choosing a travel agent, you must get someone who will offer advisory services; someone with experience, smart and cost-effective. Agents’ costs vary from one to another but the best way to find one is to ask a friend for a referral. By visiting us on, you will save a lot on your trip. Here, you have minimal chances of going wrong.