Tourism has become one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in these last couple of years. The growth is evident when arrivals, departures, number of visitors per destination, and the job openings that the travel industry created are compared. Technology is changing the way people do business and this digital era has brought new levels of breakthroughs in technology. There is an application for almost everything and the traveling industry is also using this app technology to its advantage.

Now, staying on top of every business has an only secret…keeping up with the latest technology trends. Everything is online now, and it is the biggest change occurred in recent times. Since everything is online, the need for paper documents has almost vanished. But don’t forget about your visa and passport, you still need these paper documents for traveling. As technology is digitalizing all aspects of traveling can we hope to get rid of paper visas and passports in the future?

Yes! Now it is possible with Exvisa. Tolga Akcay is the CEO of and many other companies and he is a self-made person who believes in technology to bring positive changes in people’s life. The aim of Exvisa also brings a positive change in the way how immigration works. Changing visa and passport documents into digital visa and passport to improve the traveling experience and assure more secured immigration, emigration, and relocation processes. This online visa and passport technology will also increase the security system of countries, regions, and states,  Tolga Akcay also ensured the security and secrecy of this electronic visa and passport information by using transparent blockchain technology. This technology is mostly used to deal with financial matters but this highly secure technology can also stop any kind of data hacking in the traveling industry. Crypyonization of digital visa and passport assure the security of online data added to blockchains and in addition to it, Exvisa allows countries and companies to get access to that data for their needs too. Exvisa ensures your data to be hacker-proof and will be accessed only when it is needed.

As gadgets making you a better tour guide, digital technology like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is helping to sell more tours, cellphone technology has modernized the way of planning, implementing, and experiencing traveling experience, similarly, Exvisa is going to transform the legal requirements for traveling.

With Exvisa by Tolga Akcay, it will be possible to travel around the world with no more restrictions on keeping passport and visa paper documents along with you. It will also open a wide way of opportunities for immigrants or people who want to go abroad in need of studies or job. Exvisa will be a secure way for companies and countries to access the data of a candidate or person and this availability of information help countries and companies to select people and candidates according to their skills and capabilities.

So, be ready for the stunning transformation of raveling experience with