‘’Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’’

Everest base camp trekking experience could be a lifetime adventure for anyone. Here, at Everest base camp adventurers come in all shapes and sizes from every walk of life. Before preparing your hiking kit for the Everest base camp trek you need a bundle of tips to remember and follow as well.

  • Hurting yourself or altitude sickness is not a joke and in this kind of situation, the only way to get back in a helicopter. Be prepared for the unexpected and get trekking and helicopter insurance.
  • The majority of the lodges on your way do not accept credit cards and ATMs are also very few on the trek in Namche Bazaar. It is better to keep some extra enough cash with you for regular essential needs, souvenirs, and extra gear items.
  • Physical and mental endurance is something really in need. Every trail needs physical endurance and you need a lot of it.
  • Invest in water purifying tablets, bring at least a sub-zero sleeping bag, cover yourself with lots of cold protective layers of clothes, forget about wifi, and always follow the instructions of your guide.
  • Never forget to keep portable chargers, sunscreens, sunglasses, rain covers, comfy shoes, gloves, hats, water purifying tablets, worn-in hiking shoes, and lastly but highly recommended is go to the native route, minimize risk, and hire a guide from ‘’Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expedition’’.

Nepal Intrepid Trek & Expedition:

Simply, we know our country best. We provide you a wonderful experience of learning Nepali and appreciating the hidden treasures of the trek from a native. We guaranty the availability of comfortable and affordable lodges, take care of your food, and backpack carried (if required).

Nepal Intrepid Trek & Expedition is a group of passionate and enthusiastic young people who are committed to showing you the actual beauty of Nepal. With tailored itineraries, a variety of choices, all in one service, and professional and responsible guides we stand alone as the best trekking company in Nepal.