Ireland is one of the greatest countries on Earth. Whether you were born on the island or you simply have Irish blood in you, the chances are that you feel a very strong connection to the Emerald Isles, but for whatever reason, you’ve decided to move overseas to start a new life.

Before you jet off, add these items to your suitcase to keep a piece of your country with you.

Barry’s Tea Bags

Whether you’re moving to London or Los Angeles, the chances are that you’re not going to get a cup of tea as a Barry’s Brew. In fact, our country has so many superior brands of tea bags, that Barry’s might not even be your favorite. Choose your go-to bag and pack a few in your suitcase; you can ask family and friends to replenish your stock when they visit you.

Foxford Blankets

The Foxford mill dates back to 1892, and it’s not by chance that the brand still exists today. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm and snug when you’re abroad, why not buy a couple of new Foxford Blankets for your journey? Foxford’s traditional techniques have been passed down for generations, and though there are other companies that offer similar quality for a similar price, there’s no reason not to take a piece of Ireland with you on your travels.

Irish Jewelry

You can travel the world and head to the mall with a million dollars in your back pocket, but there’s always something special about handmade traditional Irish jewelry. Celtic cross Jewelry from Celtic Cross Online, for example, is not only beautiful and steeped in history, but every piece is hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle, so you can carry Ireland around with you whenever you end up and show off pride for your home country.

Aran Sweaters

Even if you’re heading to a hot climate like Dubai or Australia, the chances are that you’ll get chilly in the evening. Not with an Aran sweater. These sweaters are steeped in tradition and Irish symbolism, with cable knits that represent fishermen’s ropes and diamond stitches that pay tribute to Irish moss farmers. So comfortable, so stylish, and perfect for your adventures.

Tayto Sambos

Okay, we’re not suggesting you make a lifetime’s supply of Tayto sandwiches before you head off on an adventure, but we’re asking you not to forget about this Irish delicacy. The good news is that specialist retailers are beginning to sell Tayto potato chips, and you can buy them on Amazon around the world, even if they are triple the price. Oh, and good news if you’re traveling Aer Lingus – they sell the snack on their flights due to popular demand.

Wherever you’re headed, we wish you the best of luck. Come back to Ireland regularly and take these “souvenirs” with you to remember the greatest place on Earth. We’ll miss you.