Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It is a dream come true and something to be proud of. While it is your special day, the planning that has to go into it will not make you feel special. Wedding planning is tedious and confusing. Food planning is especially tricky. However, these tips for wedding catering in Calgary will help ease the burden of the process.

DIY or Hiring Wedding Caterers

You always have the option of handling the food service. When the guest list is below 50, it can be done. But, when it exceeds this number, it becomes difficult, especially if you have to juggle between work and other wedding planning responsibilities. Even when your family is willing and ready to help, most of them will end up missing out on the fun during the wedding as they run up and down to refill platters and drinks.

If you decide to hire a company for wedding catering in Calgary to handle the food service, you should have a general idea of a budget to work with. For this, you will need to have an approximate number of guests that will attend your wedding. Also, you should ask the catering company to provide you with all food and drink options to choose from beforehand.

As you choose the catering company to work with, ask for references of companies or couples they have worked with in the past. The recommendations will provide you with an idea of how good they are.

Choosing the Wedding Menu

There is nothing that is as exciting to your guests as being presented with foods that are artistically presented to them. Also, it is exciting to present them with options that will cater to their varied tastes. Of course, you cannot cover everyone’s tastes, but you can at least cover the basics.

If you do end up choosing individual meals to be served at your wedding in separate courses, ask if you will be provided with multiple main dish options. Some catering companies will also meet the special diet needs you ask for. Be sure to inquire before signing any contract.

Food Tasting

The company you choose for wedding catering in Calgary should provide you with a tasting session before the wedding. This will work to your advantage, ensuring that all your needs and requests are met. It irons out any differences and gets rid of surprises. Taste all items to be on your wedding’s menu. If the wedding catering company also offers other options to taste, even better.

Throughout the food tasting, provide the caterer with some feedback. This way, they know what you like and what you do not like.

Additional Wedding Catering Services

Some caterers provide food only. There are others who will provide extra services that will be helpful. These extra services may include linens, platters, china and several presentation items. A catering company can also provide you with table and chairs for your guests.

And there you have it – a complete list of tips to help make the food served at your wedding the bomb.