When you are out on a date with your significant other, you want to impress. You do not want to deal with long queues, hefty parking fees, lack of parking spaces or table space, or worse still, make your date wait. But believe it or not, without proper planning, everything you never thought could go wrong will go wrong.

The first step to having the date of your life and making a great impression is choosing the right restaurants in Victoria for the date. The below tips will guide you through the process.

How you can avoid a date fail

Planning and ample research are imperative to ensuring that your date night does not turn out to be a disaster. Assuming you already are a couple and it’s not a blind date, you should find out what foods your date is allergic to, and those that she does not like to eat due to personal preference and ethical or religious reasons. Writing these foods down will help prevent the need for an ambulance because your date is choking or turning blue.

If you do not have a restaurant you both prefer, you can go online and search for romantic restaurants in downtown Victoria. The results are bound to be numerous and you might need to narrow down your list. Next, check out the websites of the restaurants on your list.

Below are the things you should check about the restaurants in Victoria, BC.

The menu

Does the restaurant menu cater to most of your dietary requirements? Does it have lots of options that both parties are bound to love? Are a variety of drinks offered?

Note that if your date is a vegan, you should stay away from the barbecue joints. As you check out the menu, also check the prices. You do not want to blow your entire budget on a single meal and struggle leading a comfortable life until your next paycheck. Do note that expensive restaurants are not always romantic joints. The effort you put in is always romantic, though.

Stay away from a no-bookings policy

Try and steer clear of restaurants that do not allow for bookings. Making a restaurant booking is part of planning. It plays a big role in ensuring that your evening progresses smoothly. You do not want to be waiting for ages in line before you get a table.

Consider when the restaurant is open

There are too many restaurants in Victoria, BC that remain closed on Monday nights. As such, if you have a date on Monday,your choices will be slightly limited. Tuesdays are quiet and you are bound to get great service. A Friday or even a Saturday may be perfect, as one is not worried about having to work the following day. However, on these two days, restaurants in downtown Victoria tend to be slightly crowded.

The service offered by the restaurant

Getting great service is imperative. You do not want to finish your date angry or in a bad mood from the fact that you received bad service. Always check online reviews for descriptions about the service.

On the other hand, you need to remember to be nice to the waiting staff. They too are human, after all. If the service was great, be sure to leave a nice tip.

While planning for a romantic date may seem like a daunting process, it is not. This list will get you started. In any case, remember to just be yourself throughout the date and have fun.