Luggage – Check

Tickets – Check

Hotel booking – Check

Hiring a car – Need to do this!

The Cayman Islands are known for many picturesque locations and the best way to see as many of them as you have time for is by car. Booking a rental car online makes it easy for visitors to explore this beautiful Caribbean island.

But before you book, be aware of some of the myths about renting a car in Cayman, and then make your selection.

The Myths:

  • You Don’t Need a Rental Car

Even if you are staying on the popular Seven Mile Beach, where restaurants and shops are most easily accessible, a rental car is the best option for not only exploring other scenic areas, but also for getting to historic sites, numerous beaches and hidden gems that are off the beaten path, as well as sports and/or music events and shopping malls.

  • It’s Expensive to Rent a Car

Overall, it is less expensive (and more convenient) to rent a car versus taking a taxi in the Cayman Islands. Typically, there are discounts when booking online from a company’s website. Also, it may be less expensive to book by the week, so consider extending your stay beyond a few days!

  • Visitors Cannot Drive in the Cayman Islands

This is not true, of course. If you have a valid driver’s license from your country, you may purchase a temporary Cayman Islands driving permit at the car rental counter for a nominal fee. Those who have obtained an international driver’s permit before landing in the Cayman Islands may also legally drive on island.

  • Car Rental Contracts are in Foreign Language

People often believe that the car rental contracts in the Cayman Islands are written in a language that is not conceivable by them. Here is a little fact – all of the official documents in the Cayman Islands are in English. Go ahead and read the contract, clear your doubts, and only then sign them.

  • You’ll Miss Your Rental Car in Case of Flight Delay

So you have booked your airport car rental in Cayman and your flight got delayed? Relax! You can simply inform your car rental company about the delay and they’ll make sure your car is available when you do arrive. The car rentals are a very short walk from Owen Roberts International Airport, and thus, very convenient for travellers.


So, go ahead and hire an economy car rental in Grand Cayman that suits your requirements, and then embark on your adventure! Explore the island at your leisure, making the best out of your vacation.