Hilton Head is one of the most popular island getaways in the U.S. This South Carolina resort town attracts a lot of visitors every year. It is famous for its world-class golf courses, pristine beaches, and 12 miles of perfect serenity. People like to come here if they do not want the crowds of exciting hot spots like Charleston and Savannah. Hilton Head is for you if you want a quiet, romantic weekend, a relaxing time with family, and just a slower pace away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Travel Pulse called Hilton Head the best island on the continental U.S. based on first-hand reports from people who have spent a lot of time on the island and explored what it has to offer. It is a great vacation spot all year round.

When you think of an island getaway, you might conjure up images of palm trees waving in the wind, far away from civilization. However, do not forget that this island is still in the continental U.S. You can enjoy all the comforts and the advantages of being close by to conveniences.

Hilton Head has seven lovely beaches. One of them is Coligny Beach. This beach attracts a lot of visitors. When you get there, you will understand why. The sand is pristine and soft, with a fine texture that pampers your feet as you step on it. Close by, you can enjoy some of the best dining in the area as well as fabulous entertainment. You can enjoy a wonderful evening stroll along the beach after dinner before you head back to your comfortable lodgings. Everyday is a perfect day at Hilton Head.

For those who love golf, they will not be disappointed. Hilton Head has been featured in many leading golf magazines and digital media, and it has earned the reputation of having the best golf courses in South Carolina. Some even say that it has the best in the U.S. When you are on the golf course, you are surrounded by views of the ocean and marshland, with palmetto trees adorning the background. It makes your round of golf that much more enjoyable. Hilton Head has more than a couple of dozen golf courses, plenty of choices for even the choosiest golf afficionado. You can enjoy a relaxing round of golf while taking in the beautiful scenery around you. This is the ultimate escape from the stress of daily life. Another advantage of coming to Hilton Head for golf is that the golf courses are open all year round. A lot of world-class courses in the U.S. have to close down for the winter. However, not Hilton Head because you have perfect weather practically all year long. So, during the winter months, do not be surprised if you see a lot of golfers on these courses.

Then there’s the food. Vacation would not be the same without indulging in great food. Hilton Head excels in its local cuisine. The island has the advantage of access to the freshest seafood and produce in South Carolina. The quality is well-known in the culinary circles in the U.S. So, not only are you surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, but you will treat yourself to some of the best foods in the U.S. as well.

Every March, the annual Wine and Food Festival brings visitors around the country to sample some of the best cuisines that Hilton Head has to offer. It is a wonderful way to taste the wines and foods, attend a lecture or class on cooking or wine tasting, enjoy cooking competitions, and just be a part of all the wonderful ambience around good food. If you consider yourself a foodie, this event is something that you should not miss when you visit Hilton Head. Just be sure to find out when the next festival will be held and plan your Hilton Head vacation around it!

If you miss the festival or cannot come around that time, all is not lost. There are other ways for you to indulge in some of the best cuisines. For instance, be sure to pay a visit to The Jazz Corner when you are in Hilton Head. You will have an unforgettable experience with some of the best seafoods and fine jazz in the background. The service is excellent, and each dish is exquisitely plated like a work of art. It is located by the beach front, so it is a perfect dining venue on a warm evening. Another place you should try is the Skull Creek Boathouse. Seafood is king over there, but they also serve awesome sandwiches and sushi that are to die for. Don’t pass on the wine and cocktails while you’re there.

If you are intrigued by Hilton Head, when is the best time to visit there?

If you travel in the spring and fall, you get the benefit of lower prices because there are less tourists. So April, May, September, and October are good times to visit (unless you want to go to the Food and Wine Festival, which is in March). Even during the cooler months, the weather in Hilton Head is very nice. Summer time is fabulous because you can get into the warm waters at the beach and take evening summer strolls by the beach.

Where Should You Stay?

There are many options of accommodations on the beach, like luxury hotels and villas. There are places close to golf courses if that is your preference. There are vacation rental homes and cottages that are perfect for families and couples. If you visit during off-season, you can find terrific bargains in all kinds of accommodations. Hilton Head is beautiful all year round, so going when it is off-season does not take away from the experience at all.

So, if you want to get away to a place where you can relax and let your stress melt away, make plans to visit Hilton Head. You can enjoy a sun rise over the horizon. You can go on hikes and explore the wonders of nature. You can take walks along the beach and let the warm, fine sand massage your feet. Once you have experienced Hilton Head, you will see why people like to return year after year.