Do you want an effortless and peaceful relaxation during long road trips, flights, or simply after a stressful workday?

Most of us have tried traditional meditation, medications, or some other activities to feel relaxed. Olga Horvat, the author of “When Dogs Fly’’, has also tried several traditional meditation techniques, but they didn’t work for her. Until finally, she experienced something that is close to a miracle during her 18-hour flight to Thailand. She went into a deep meditation (without being aware of it) during her travel while she was coloring one of her drawings. She didn’t notice how time passed by so quickly. When she landed in Thailand, she felt relaxed and didn’t have any signs of fatigue. She experienced a wonderful, tension-free trip because she meditated through coloring!

This is how “meditation via coloring’’ was born. Inspired by this lifechanging experience, Olga Horvat designed a relaxation kit and named it ‘’ROYAL DOGS RELAXATION KIT’’.

The “ROYAL DOGS RELAXATION KIT’’ is composed of 30 magnificent designs of dogs and airplanes. The designs are made in the shape of mandalas, paisley patterns, doodle style illustrations, and other whimsical designs. The drawings of dogs represent stability and loyalty while the airplanes represent the excitement and movement. Along with the book, there is a multi-color pencil (with the core made up of seven colors), a sharpener and a medicoloring guide (which explains how to meditate through coloring).

Medicoloring alters your brain waves and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. By using a multi-color pencil, you inactivate the judgmental side (left) of your brain and activate the intuitive (right) side of the brain. This type of meditative coloring gives your body complete rest.

“Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit’’ might be a little confusing in its name, but there is no doubt in its effectiveness.