Muay Thai holidays offer a powerful fitness experience available for beginners and more experienced fighters. Training runs from Monday to Saturday with the opportunity for professional fights on the weekend. The sport has become increasingly popular among UFC fighters, athletes and those who wish to earn a historically rich and effective workout involving the mind and the body. The following tips can help you plan for your Muay Thai vacation.

What is a Muay Thai Holiday?

A Muay Thai holiday is not a vacation in the conventional sense of the word. It is not about relaxation or sipping cocktails on the weekend but involves intensive training. The classes are available for beginners and for experienced Muay Thai enthusiasts. At least 6 days a week, the techniques are practiced, and exercise encouraged to prepare participants for the performance of kicks, strikes, and punches.
The holiday is a structured and intensive program that involves experienced instructors guiding you through every part of your training. Activities performed during the week are focused on preparing more advanced fighters for events that are held on the weekend.

Classes on the Beach

If your ideal weekend is spending time on the beach, you will enjoy the Muay Thai training along the coast. Practice requires an intensive warm-up to prepare the body for action. A beach workout is an incredible experience and should include the correct gear. The appropriate training shoes and flexible, lightweight clothing will make a workout experience on the coast an exciting one.

How to Enjoy Your Muay Thai Holiday

While intense and physically demanding, your Muay Thai holiday can take your fitness to unbelievable new heights. In the beautiful and exotic country of Thailand, you are encouraged to partake in all scheduled training sessions but on the weekend, a Sunday is time for relaxation and recovery.
The best way to enjoy your Muay Thai holiday is to invest in every practice session to the best of your ability. The workouts are gruelling and the sparring events intense, but it is all worth it when you experience the results that you have been working so hard to achieve.
While training occurs during the week, for those who are not partaking in a sparring event, the weekend can be thoroughly enjoyed. Sightseeing in Thailand including travel to a local island and visiting the modern city areas are a must. Allowing your mind and body to unwind will also help you prepare for your training sessions that start in the new week.

Muay Thai Program in Thailand and Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful island and Chalong Muay Thai is near the beach. The best way to experience Muay Thai is at an authentic training camp in Thailand such as Chalong Muay Thai gym. Guided by exceptionally skilled instructors, every participant will learn the history and the meaning of the ancient sport. A training camp can be visited by beginners and more experienced fighters. Classes are held throughout the week based on your Muay Thai level. Sparring events are by invitation only for the safety of novice students. Plan a Muay Thai holiday in Thailand by visiting a training camp like no other.