If you are crazy about boats, you will also be crazy about yachts. There is one thing that differentiates a boat and yacht, the size of the yacht is bigger than the boat. A landing pad, swimming pool, and much more great things are present only in a yacht or cruise ship. These cannot be seen in a boat. Only people who are affluent will be able to buy a yacht paying dollars. Such people can manage the costs included in maintaining the vessels. Running cost of the yacht would be 10% of the purchase price of the yacht. However, you don’t have to buy a yacht rather you can book a yacht. If you think booking is also expensive, you can share it with someone. By sharing the yacht, you can organize the overall the process accordingly. Humans are flawed so it is unlikely for us to expect perfection. Anyway, if you want to share yacht with someone, it is important to read this post.

Tidy up the cabin

The cabins are not much spacious. Even if it is spacious it is important to keep it tidy. You shouldn’t consume space unnecessarily. Hanger-hogging is not great when sharing the yacht, if you need hangers, you can ask the room steward and he will gladly provide it. Talk to your companion about the ways to share the shelves and drawers. Even if you are untidy at home, try to be a bit organized when you share the cabin with someone. Don’t try to dump all your clothes on a chair like you do at home. The same applies to shoes, don’t take them off but keep it in the right place.

Schedule to charge devices

You wouldn’t find many plugs to charge the devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and much more! What should you do if you and your travel partner want to charge the phone at the same time? You should set time for each person and take turns. And if you are not using any device, shut it off and keep it in the drawer. If you have too many devices you should bring a power pack, so you will be able to charge your devices separately.

Bathroom manners

The holiday on yacht  can be enjoyed to the fullest but it wouldn’t be enjoyable if you cannot corporate with your travel partner. You would have a lot of toiletries and cosmetics to store when unpacking them make sure to take up only a small space. If you take up the whole space your travel partner wouldn’t be pleased with that. Or you can store the tiny items in an over-the-door bag so that you can save space. Before hanging your undergarments on the door, talk to your companion and ask him/her whether it is okay. Not everyone approves such behavior. You should also engage in a talk regarding the shower time. If you have proper bathroom manners there won’t be any obstacles to enjoy the journey with a companion.

Respect your companion

Again it is about bathroom etiquette, it is the major problem faced by travelers. When they share the same bathroom, they forget to respect one another. Most people who share one cabin prefer to use the public restroom so that their cabin wouldn’t smell. On the other hand, some people bring air fresheners to keep the room fresh. But if you want to use fragrance, make sure to talk to your companion about it. If the person has sensitive skin, it would irritate him or her. You should respect your companion if you want to have a smooth ride.  However, you should be mindful of the bathroom etiquettes.

Admit you snore

While snoring is a disturbance, it is not good to hide it your travel partner. If you hide the truth you will end up having an argument with your companion. You should warn the other person about snoring, so he or she can be prepared for it. Even better, you can take nasal strips for your partner, so he or she wouldn’t be victimized.

Be courteous to your partner

Most travelers read while they sleep and eventually, they leave the light on, this is an annoying habit. This can cause trouble to the travel partner and it is not polite. If it was home, it wouldn’t be a big deal but then again, if it is on a yacht journey it is problematic. If your yacht has separate bedside lights, then it is not an issue. Otherwise, it is better to get a sleeping mask for your travel partner, if you cannot avoid the habit of reading for some time. If you are sharing the yacht, you should be courteous.

With all the mentioned habits, you will be able to have a great time with your travel partner!