If you mention fishing as a hobby to a random person, there’s a high chance that they’ll say it’s a boring pastime for boring people. Finding those who appreciate fishing isn’t easy, and finding yourself interested in fishing can come as a surprise, even for you. Especially if you’re not exactly one to go out and enjoy nature, fishing might sound like a weird thing to get into. But before you decide that fishing isn’t for you, here are a couple of reasons why it’s a good hobby that you should be interested in.

You Appreciate Nature Even More

If you grew up in the countryside where you’re exposed to how beautiful nature can be, then you might have an appreciation for nature. But for city folk who only know the beauty of nature through pictures and videos, things might be different. That’s one motivation for going fishing: to truly appreciate the beauty and wonder that is Mother Nature.

Going fishing is a very grounded hobby. You have to go to a fishing lodge and be in the middle of the forest — perhaps near a lake or a stream where you can fish. Simply going fishing will expose you to nature: forests, flora and fauna, bodies of water, nature of all kinds. Through this exposure, you’ll realize how different videos and pictures are from the real thing. It’s a sight to behold, one that’s best experienced in real life.

It’s Great Social Bonding

Parents often bring their kids fishing with them for a good reason: it’s a very social activity. You will need to work with other people to make your fishing trip successful. Be it getting help reeling a big catch or simply setting up your equipment, the experience you make while fishing with your friends is not easily replicated.

It helps you build a better bond with friends and family. Not just from having to work together to achieve a goal but also from being in a calming place where everyone is together. Everyone can enjoy the peace and quiet that fishing can bring while still having something to look forward to at the end of the day. Here are some things you can look forward to.

Fish Is Delicious and Fulfilling

You can enjoy the delicious fish you just caught. Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people go fishing is because fish is simply delicious. It’s healthy, and you can cook it in a variety of ways. Sharing it with your friends and family makes it even more delicious.

But fishing doesn’t just give you delicious fish to eat. It also gives a sense of self-fulfillment. Whenever you go fishing, you pay respect to nature. Then, you hone your skills and test your patience. You come in with a goal, and that is to get a fish. When that fish bites your bait, the feeling of self-fulfillment and joy is something no other experience can provide.

Its Indirect Health Benefits Are Plenty

A lot of people don’t know that fishing usually involves a lot of walking and hauling equipment to good spots. You have to contend with having to fight against a fish’s strength, which can be considerable, especially when they’re heavier. It’s a very active hobby that’s usually masked by how tranquil and relaxing it is.

Another health benefit of going fishing is breathing fresh air. Fishing spots are normally areas far from pollution, ones that are filled with either trees or open skies. This is a very welcome change, especially if you’re a city dweller always having to breathe smog-infested air. Going fishing is like letting your lungs take a break.

It’s Meditative and Relaxing

Most importantly, if you want to escape the drudgery of everyday life and change up your routine, going fishing is the best way to do just that. It’s a very relaxing and meditative activity, one that forces you to sit down and take it easy. It’s a great stress reliever and makes you forget the worries that haunt your daily life. It’s a great mental break while still coming out feeling you’ve accomplished something.

Of course, the hobby of fishing entails many aspects. All of these aspects play an important part in the whole experience. Choosing which bait you’re going to use, going to the location, waiting to catch fish, cooking, and possibly releasing the fish — each part is necessary. Each part of the process can be a meditative experience on its own. Perhaps that’s what makes fishing so alluring: it’s similar to meditation in that you can be either lost in thought or absent from it. During the whole experience, you’re sure to have gained something.

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