Italian courses in Italy are the best way to learn Italian and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Italy is a Mediterranean country full of passion, aromas, colors, incredible landscapes and amazing cities. Cradle of Western culture, Italy has 46 treasures declared a World Heritage Site.

An intrinsic part of Italian culture is its exquisite cuisine. Cuisine is a fundamental part of Italian life, and you won’t fully understand their culture without having tried their food. If you want to fully integrate into Italian life, you also have the possibility of taking an Italian cooking course.

Italy, in addition to cultural treasures, has many natural landscapes that you will love. Although little known, the cliffs of Calabria and its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are an invitation that you cannot refuse; and the fields of Tuscany will enchant you with their light and aroma. During the Italian courses in Italy, you and the rest of the students will have enough free time to discover all the wonders of the area.

Italian courses in Italy

Studying Italian cooking in Italy with the international kitchen, will allow you to live a complete linguistic immersion, while enjoying the Italian charms. Studying Italian cooking in Italy can be an important asset in your professional career. The development of Italian cuisine, and the increase in international exchanges, make you aware that learning Italian delicacies, in addition to being a passion and a pleasure, has become a necessity for the future.

To help you improve your cooking skills with Italian, the international kitchenoffers you a selection of cuisine trips in Italy for adults in Florence or Calabria, being able to select your favorite destination and the course that best suits your needs; from an intensive Italian course, standard and many more. In addition, this Cooking Vacations also opens its stays to the very young and offers language courses for young people in Italy. Vocational training is also available for those who wish to receive a more specialized Italian apprenticeship.