Vacations are the break you take from everyday hustles to relax and unwind. It is time you let loose, let your guard down and a period of self-discovery. By the time you get back to your regular life, you must be in a better state of mind you were before you left.

What you might not know is that there are different types of vacations; solo vacation, group vacations, couples vacation, family vacations, to mention a few. During all these vacations, people get to take part in different new activities to spice up their trip. And one is taking a walking tour. Well, many may not be familiar with this kind of tour, but we assure you that it is an exhilarating excursion to partake. For your walk tour, you get to pack a backpack and walk through a city, visiting sites mostly on foot. And below is what you should ideally have with you for a great walking trip.

1  Comfortable shoes

Trekking for long hours in the wrong shoes will only result in blisters, sore soles, and aching heels. The footwear you decide to carry must be comfortable and well fitted. The best types to have are breathable sports shoes for walking, slippers for when you stop by the beach and boots for hiking. The shoes must then fit the activity you are bound to partake in during your walk.

2  Clothes fit for all weather conditions in your area of visit

If your trip is to take a few days, carry a few sets of clothes that are well fitted for the weather conditions in that area. If it’s warm pack free clothing and if it is cold pack warm clothing. To be on the safe side have an extra pair of trousers, shorts, t-shirts, socks, a sweater, a vest, and a hat. A raincoat, however, is also a vital piece of clothing to include.

3  A camera

To document all the sites, you visit you should bring a camera with you. It is an excellent idea to take short snippets of the whole trip and combine them all to form a video. The video will forever be a reminder of your free walking tour through the beach in Nice or a mountain terrain in France, for instance.

4  Sunscreen and sunglasses

Whether you are trekking the Himalayas or the amazon, carrying sunscreen and sunglasses is a pretty sound idea. The two protect your skin and eyes from harsh weather conditions, sunburns, and sore eyes.

5  Insect repellant

This is particularly important if the walk is to take place in a vegetative area or one with a stagnant water body. Tropical forests are particularly a hub to mosquitoes and other insects. So much so, bringing an insect repellant will protect you from bites and the likelihood of getting a disease.

6  Money

It is dumb to go to an unfamiliar place without cash. You need money to buy food, pay for hotels and transport if the need arises. Remember to carry it discreetly.

7  A map

Lastly, carry with you a map of the area you are walking through. And on the map, mark your route and the locations of all the sites you are visiting.