Those who love being in contact with nature, in any season, can’t wait to experience the wide open spaces to let off steam and play sports regularly. While waiting for your next vacation, you should consider the idea of ​​everything you can do as an activity on the lake. Imagine a holiday to Lake Orta: the hidden beauty. How to entertain yourself? We see it together.


For water sports lovers, there is a wide range of water activities. For example kitesurfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing allow you to experience the extreme sensation of sliding with the force of the wind. For traditional surfing, you need to have developed various skills, including a developed sense of balance, a good position on the board and the ability to move in harmony on the waves.

The fact remains that in quieter places like the lake you will not be able to touch the adventure as happens at the sea. Canoeing and sea kayaking are two water sports that allow you to relax while observing the beauty of the landscape and experience the sensation of sliding gently on the water. This you can instead do it quietly on the shores of the lake to go to the discovery of wonderful natural places.


Even for the less sporty there is a solution, in fact there are also motorized water sports to enjoy the beauty of the lakes and their seabed. Known by all, the star of motorized water sports remains the jet ski. Comfortable and easy to use, it seduces those in search of speed and emotions, with some models that can reach 125 km / h. Without considering the fact that, in addition to water skiing and wakeboarding, there is also an electric version of surfboards and kayaks to admire the beauty of the landscape without getting too tired!


Paragliding is a special and unique water sport to raise adrenaline and enjoy a sublime panoramic view of the coast. The most beautiful viewpoints are easily accessible by boat rental, so inquire if this possibility exists at Lake Orta too Flying on the water or diving like a dolphin is now possible thanks to the water propulsion system of the Flyboard.

This water sport requires relatively calm water and a certain balance, but promises a lot of excitement In short, if you look closely, there is a wide range of water sports to be practiced by the sea or the lake, available according to your needs and the place you are going to. Therefore, you will be spoiled for choice and know that even if you are not very familiar, the important thing is to try.