I first entered Yosemite Park when I was fourteen. My cousins lived and worked in the park and it was my first experience in National parkland. My cousins who were raised in this epic adventure land were already well trained in mountain climbing, repelling, swinging between mountain peaks, and skiing. They were between the ages of four and ten. This taught me, that it wasn’t about how old or capable you were, it was having it outside your back door. To experience the drama and serenity of natural landscapes and learn to interact with them. Even though they were used to much grander adventure, they took me to do and see so many things I had never encountered before. This is where life meets adventure.

Adventure is the meeting of a new experience mixed with an encounter of the elements. No matter how many times you go scuba diving, or skydiving because of the constant change in nature, you never know quite what you are going to encounter. With Yosemite being such a vast and varying landscape there are so many ways to connect and interact with its elements. When planning for your best adventure, ask yourself what aspects of elements you love, and which incite trepidation or fear. A combo of both usually takes you on your best adventure ride. Ask yourself if you like, water, wind, fire, earth, when interacting with nature. This can help steer you in the right direction since the park is jam-packed with all of the above. If you love the water, Yosemite has so much to offer. A variety of Merced River Trips offer many different levels and durations of trips to flow and raft through Yosemite.

The Merced River is a one hundred and forty-five-mile-long tributary of the San Joaquin River. It winds its way through Yosemite park providing many different interactions and experiences. For some intense whitewater rapids are the adventure they seek and others the quieter yet exhilarating fly fishing in gorgeous landscapes. Both activities are dependent on the time of year because the Merced River is fed solely by snowmelt. Choosing to take your adventure either in winter or Spring will definitely impact the type of adventures you’re in for.

Another way to enjoy the beautiful water plunging through Yosemite is to climb Mist Falls. Yosemite is crawling with gorgeous waterfalls and at your own discretion, you can take many of their unique hikes. This hike is well known, but also unpredictable. Depending on snow melt and season the amount of water you will encounter is vast. No matter what the season you will be soaked the entire time by a constant and continual mist. Not only are you making your way through the mist, you’re also climbing steep steps and crevices the whole way. There is enough room for one body to be heading up and one heading down, and every footstep must be made mindfully. Making it to Vernal Falls is the reward as well as the relief when you can relax at the top.

Wherever your fear meets pleasure is where adventure is found. Pushing your limits and reaping a beautiful reward. Yosemite National Park is thousands of acres of unending adventure and reward.