From boutique inns to corporate hotel chains, the need for businesses in the hospitality sector to differentiate themselves from competitors has never been higher. In the age of online reviews and bookings, customers have access to any type of lodging or accommodations imaginable. Fortunately, there are more than a few innovative ways such places can stand out. Underneath it all, however, there must be the foundation of solid customer service and friendly receptions. These are the key factors most guests will be looking for, so ensure they are at the top of the priorities list. Keep the simple guidelines below in mind increase the likelihood that customers will keep returning for a long time to come.

Plan for the Future

Most guests looking for a hospitable environment are hoping to be able to relax and see that their needs and desires are being met. For that reason, it is vital for all of those individuals responsible for providing such services are capable and prepared for any inevitability. From a medical emergency to a lost piece of luggage, each incident is important to those going through it. Sitting down with a leading professional like Larry Muller will allow any novice or prospective hospitality provider to discuss ideas and gather some expert advice.

Focus on the Present

Anyone with even the slightest historical perspective will recognize that this industry, along with most others, has changed radically over the years. Some of the luxury amenities required in generations past are not only obsolete but completely laughable by today’s population. Always provide the latest and greatest options for those savvy customers who know if they don’t find what they want at one place, they can travel a few miles and find it somewhere else.

Reflect on the Past

Though it is helpful to anticipate situations and needs that are likely to arise, the best predictor of things yet to come might just be a study of previous trends. Take a look at the decisions that have been beneficial and served the hospitality side of the business effectively. Build on those and refine them to be pillars of success going forward. By the same token, it can also be a boon to revisit some of the moves that fell flat or did not pay of as intended. Though it might not make sense to completely abandon such processes, there are sure to be some steps any manager or owner could take to improve on these points.
The bottom line is that every guest needs to feel heard and respected. Continue to gauge that metric closely through surveys and outreach in an effort to develop better policies based on specific feedback. Determine what they found to be necessary as well as anything that might be overkill or simply unneeded even as a backup option. This will allow you to spend time on the features that truly matter while saving effort and expense in dealing with everything else. The steps outlined above will help make all this happen.