Once a very important mercantile center, thanks to its strategic position, between the Lario and the Ceresio, today Menaggio is one of the most important tourist resorts on Lake Como. For those who love history, Menaggio is perhaps one of the most mysterious and fascinating places. The town has a medieval structure that is still fully preserved: breathe the ancient atmosphere by losing yourself in the alleys of the upper part of the village, then descending towards the lake meeting real architectural jewels, such as the Church of San Carlo Borromeo , one of the first to be named after the saint after his death. Alternatively there are always Lario and Tremezzo to visit.


After reaching the hamlet of Loveno, you can visit one of the most particular residences of the Lario: Villa Mylius Vigoni, surrounded by a splendid English garden. From Loveno you can easily reach the hamlet of Plesio, from which a path begins that will take you to the Menaggio Refuge, at an altitude of 1,400 meters, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake.

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There is also a beautiful location that should be visited during the winter rather than during the summer. We are talking about Tremezzo. With its baroque village, full of churches, villas and prestigious palaces, Tremezzo shines with a timeless charm in every season. Atmosphere that you will find fully expressed in the most famous attraction of the town: Villa Carlotta. Built in the seventeenth century by the marquis Giorgio Clerici, the villa has an imposing structure and is surrounded by an Italian garden with attention to the smallest details. A TOUR IN THE CITY If you want to discover other places to visit on Lake Como, then go to Como and Lecco. The most interesting thing to do in Como is a ride in the heart of the city, especially in Piazza Volta.