Riding in a limousine is classy and luxurious. Limousines can provide you a mode of transportation for special occasions, or a private and elegant ride to the airport. Whether you are a limousine veteran rider or looking to travel by limo for the first time, there are a few etiquette rules to follow. These rules will make the trip better for everyone involved and ensure that you show respect to your driver as well as the limo service.

Respect your driver

This should be obvious, but you should respect your driver. This means you should not yell at your driver, ask them to speed or do anything illegal, or blame them if you have problems with the limo. Of course, if you have any problems with your driver, you should contact the limo service immediately, but respecting your driver will allow everyone to have a better time.

Treat the vehicle better than you would treat your car

When riding in a limo or transportation service, it can be easy to get excited or a bit rambunctious. It is very important not to damage anything in the vehicle. If you are having trouble with something, you can ask your driver to help you, but avoid damage at all costs. If you excessively trash the limo, someone throws up in the limo, or steal something from the limo (such as glassware) you will be charged.

Tip your driver

Like how you would tip a waiter, you should also tip your driver. You may check with your limo service provider to see if the tip is already included, and if not, it is recommended to tip 20% of the rental price. If you are given bad service, this is a different situation and should be taken up with the limo company, but always plan to tip for good service.

There is a correct way to enter and exit

When entering a limo, you should allow the chauffeur to open the door for you. As the door opens slide your bottom into the first seat and bring your legs inside. You may then slide along through the seats until you have reached a further seat to make room for everyone who is riding along. The same procedure should be done when exiting.

Do not perform any illegal activities

Although you can drink alcohol with the privacy panel raised in a limo, do not use any illegal drugs. Your driver and company could get in legal trouble if you are pulled over. This is not only dangerous but also disrespectful.

Have fun, but keep it respectful

It is important to keep your party under control. You can still play music and have a great time, but make sure no one in your party gets too rowdy or intoxicated. Make sure all alcohol is approved by the limo service. Try not to use too much rude language out of respect for the driver so they can focus on the road. Your chauffeur’s job is to keep you safe while getting you to your destination, and they should feel safe too.

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