Caravan covers aside from their protective purpose differ in function—storage and towing protection. And there are quite a lot of options to consider in the market. Caravan covers ensure that your investment is well-protected for any purpose it might come in handy with. With all the options you can choose from, you need to choose the best type of cover that will suit your needs.



Universal covers as to what the name implies were made to fit the usual or approximate length and size of a caravan. This means that there is one whole cover then you can put to the vehicle and there is no way you can access the caravan when you put one. This is because universal caravans are typically a big piece of cover that might need quite a lot of straps to keep the cover in place. That is why it will be hard for you to access it when you have this cover with you. However, this cover comes cheapest among all the covers. So if you are on a tight budget, this might be a good consideration.


If a universal cover is entirely fit to approximate caravan sizes, a semi-tailored cover is quite customized in a way that the front and the rear parts are unique. This might mean that there are certain covers intended solely for the type of caravan that you have. Inasmuch as this would fit for the one that you have, do not expect too much. Some of the access points may not fit well especially on doorways. More so, there is no provision for items you may want to put in your roof. The price of this cover is not that far from the universal covers you can buy from the market.


If you wanted a cover that fits perfectly with your caravan, you might want to consider buying a fully-tailored cover that comes with quite a higher price than the other types. Using this type of cover will give you the chance to access your caravan for the doorways and other access flaps have a good cover fit on them. They are more expensive than the usual ones because they are made to order and are really fit to your caravan size. Above that, there is a provision for roof protrusions such as TV aerials and other equipment that you may want to have.


The demand for towing covers is increasing nowadays as people see the need to get one for their daily caravan needs. Your caravan might set off very nice and clean but may end up with too much dirt along the road. That is why having a towing cover is a must—to provide good protection while they are user-friendly.

Towing covers are easy to use. They have elasticated clips to hold the cover in place. Some come in zips and some come with straps. The cheapest among the towing covers may not look that good but can give the protection that you need. If you are willing to spend more, a three-piece cover can offer you better protection. However, these covers can obscure your road lights. Tailor-made covers, however, are specific types of covers depending on the model of the caravan that you have. This kind of coverage does not cover your road lights and can give you access to the grab handles.


It is actually possible to put the cover on your own but if you want things easier for you, a companion would do. You start with the front side and work backward. Make sure that the straps are placed properly. Do not place the cover to dirty caravans to avoid possible scratches due to the dirt present when you put it.

You must also be knowledgeable on what materials it was made from so you would know how to clean them as well. Caravan covers are typically waterproof but the material must at least give your caravan the chance to ‘breathe’ so that there will be no moisture underneath. The manufacturers of these covers achieve both the ‘breathable’ and waterproof characteristics by using a micro-porous membrane film. The membrane has tiny holes in it and allows water and air to pass through. When cleaning them, you must carefully wash them to avoid damage. Using a sponge and warm water would be a good combination to make that possible.

Avoid using detergents and chemicals so that the breathable membrane won’t be damaged. Using soap would be a good thing as long as it was properly dissolved. Is the use of washing machines or hosepipes advisable? No. They can also damage the membrane.

It is also a good idea to keep your internal lockers open so that air circulation is possible even if you are using the cover at the given moment. You should not also use gas appliances when your caravan is covered as fumes can reach toxic levels and harm people inside the vehicle.