Bogotá is the capital and formerly known as Santa Fe de Bogotá between 1991 and 2000. Bogotá is all about vibrant energy, celebration, festive, and has many places to visit that will leave you in awe. Tall green mountains on one side, High perched plateaus, European essence, perpetuating Spanish culture, wide culture diversions, shopping, nightlife, dining, and museums.

What Bogota vacation stays offer you?

What attracts the most about Bogotá is its Wide avenues, beautiful churches, grand palaces, green parks and roadways, and its compelling postmodern architecture. The old and the modern city all mixed. Bogota vacation stays serve everything to you just like any modern walking cities of America has to offer you for dining Tapas, Japanese, Sushi. Nightlife and shopping spree from Prada, Gucci, plus genuine leather boots for 30 USD are not that bad in Bogota vacation stays. It also hosts museums like the Gold Museum, Botero Museum, and the National Museum. One of the amazing facts is, La Candelaria, Bogota’s old town, is also an obvious must-wander. It’s where the museums, cobblestone streets, and government buildings are. Like Quinta Camacho, you don’t feel like you’re in a big city when you’re exploring the Bogota vacation stays.

The native people are genuinely very sophisticated and humble and will help you a lot in your Bogota vacation stays. You can ask any person over there to help you with the place or about any restaurant. For stay purposes, Bogota vacation stays offer you several hotels from cheap motels to Marriott hotels all depending on how you want to spend on your stay.

Dine-in Bogota

Bogota vacation stays offer a variety of restaurants along with a wide range of cuisines, mentioning some of the famous places to dine-in; in case you are planning to book your tickets for Bogota right after reading this article.  El Mono Bandido, Cenizo – A la leña, Quinua y Amaranto, Bukowski Bar, SPQR are the Bogota cheap eats. El Techo, Capitalino Restaurant, Ushin Japanese & Grill, La Ventana is some fine dings.  You can easily choose any of these or search for your own choice.


Don’t read the news before going, if you want to go to Bogota brush up on your Spanish take an empty suitcase and a great time is waiting for you. You will never regret it!