Houston is the largest city in Texas and one of the largest in the United States and North America. You can probably imagine what a lot of pride Houstonians take in that statistic since the notion of being bigger and better than anything else is important to Texan identity. People in Houston are not only proud, they are also very hospitable and willing to figuratively roll out the red carpet upon your arrival to their city via Houston airport transportation services.

Because Houston is so big, planning a trip there can be overwhelming because there are so many things to see and do. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your Houston vacation.

1. Sporting Events

People in Houston take sports very seriously. Professional major league teams in the most popular sports call the city home:

  • Houston Rockets (Basketball)
  • Houston Astros (Baseball)
  • Houston Texans (Football)
  • Houston Dynamo (Soccer)

Several of these home stadiums are right in downtown Houston. If your trip coincides with a sport’s season, check to see if there is a home game happening.

2. Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo does involve a rodeo and a livestock show, as advertised. However, there is actually a whole lot more to it than that. Occurring annually in February and March, the event lasts 19 days and also includes live music, games, carnival rides, and food stands. A rodeo is a display of cowboy skills and significant to Texas culture. This is something that everyone should see at least once in their lives, so be sure to get your tickets.

3. Space Center

Johnson Space Center in Houston is the headquarters of NASA’s space program. It operates a special visitor center called Space Center Houston which gives you the opportunity to learn about space exploration in a hands-on fashion with moon rocks available to touch, replicas of a space shuttle and a space station, and so much more. There is also an opportunity to tour Johnson Space Center itself via an open-air tram.

4. Museum District

Museum District is an area of downtown that features 19 different museums. A majority of these museums do not charge admission prices. Each museum caters to a specific audience so that, collectively, they appeal to a wide range of interests. Among the most notable attractions are the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Houston is also home to an eclectic variety of shopping and restaurants. There is truly something for everyone.