When planning a family vacation, many people just assume that they will need to book a hotel. Hotels are ubiquitous and easy to find online. Even so, this might not be the best option for your family. Renting a house presents a few significant advantages not found in hotels which could vastly improve your trip.

1. Accessibility

Have you ever noticed that there aren’t very many hotels located right beside beautiful hiking trails or pristine beaches? Oftentimes hotels are situated solely in cities or suburbs. One perk of renting a home for your vacation is that you may have a greater variety of choices, even beach house rentals Newport Beach CA. This could give you greater access to the natural sites you came to enjoy. Just imagine being able to step right outside your bedroom and be standing on a white, sandy beach.

2. Affordability

Another advantage of renting a house for the duration of your trip is that it can be significantly more cost-effective. If you are traveling with several family members, you might have to rent multiple rooms in a hotel. In a rental home, however, you would likely only require the one property. This could cut down on housing costs for your trip and allow your family to interact with one another more easily. Furthermore, rental homes are particularly economical for long trips. Hotels often charge high rates that diminish your vacation budget with every night you stay. On the other hand, a rental property owner may be able to work out a weekly or monthly rate for you.

3. Comfort

Rental houses also provide you with all the comforts of being at home. Having access to a kitchen, for example, allows you to stay in for some meals. This not only will save you time for doing fun activities, but also reduces how much you will need to spend on food. The cost of eating out adds up quickly. Another convenience is being able to park your car right in front of your property, rather than parking in a huge hotel lot and carrying in all of your belongings.

As you plan all of the fun things you will do and interesting things you will see on your upcoming family vacation, remember to think through your living accommodations. Booking a couple hotel rooms might seem to be the easiest choice, but consider whether renting a property might make this trip your best yet.