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Anchoring in Secluded Bays

Sailing in the middle of the night with harsh wind blowing can be a scary experience. You might wake up in the middle of your sailing holiday to find that the board is being dragged towards the shore, rock, or some other boat. One of the most frustrating things for sailors to find that some […]

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Niseko Sidecountry Guide

Niseko is located on Japan’s northernmost island and geographically is in a prime setting to receive  some of the world’s softest, lightest and driest snow, falling at an unrivalled rate. If you’ve ever experienced waist deep turns in champagne powder, then you’ll know there are few experiences that compare. For those who haven’t, imagine feeling […]

Traveling with Tech
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Tips on Traveling with Tech

Do you take your tech with you when you travel? If you are addicted to your smartphone than the answer is probably yes. Gone are the days of just packing clothing and personal care items. Today’s travelers are taking their tech with. From smartphones and laptops to tablets, cellular hotspot, GPS, media players, music players, […]