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America’s Most Mysterious Places

Called the “land of opportunity,” America is known for its rich history and abundant wealth and power. But there is also a darker, mysterious side to the sparkling home of the American dream. Read on to learn more about some of the most mysterious places you can visit in America: Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg is […]


Pushkar – Spiritual and fascinating

Pushkar, one of the oldest Indian cities located to the northwest of Ajmer. It is recognized as one of the most sought-after destinations by tourist. The place is all surrounded by hillocks on three sides at the height of 510 meters. Pushkar is also known as the rose garden of Rajasthan owing to the essence […]

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Why hire the services of a travel agency

The number of travel agencies has soared in the last 15 or so years; this is due to increased international relations and many countries signing memoranda, which are aimed at opening inter-countries’ trade. Nevertheless, the number of ‘the do-it-yourself’ travelers arranging trips manually and online has soared-thanks to globalization. Doing the planning -yourself’ is seemingly […]

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Six UK surf spots you probably haven’t heard of

Despite the cooler climate, the UK is actually one of the best places in the world for surfing! The beaches of Cornwall alone attract thousands of visitor’s years on year, who come to experience the famous night surfing, the renowned Cornish ice-cream and the awe-inspiring coastlines. However, here we’re going to be diving a little […]

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4 Family Activities to Enjoy on Your Trip to the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands host many diverse and exciting activities that suit every age group. In addition to world-class beaches, duty-free shopping and a national museum, there are also fascinating wildlife encounters and, of course, a range of water sports. These activities and attractions make the Cayman Islands – especially Grand Cayman, the largest of three […]


5 Reasons to Visit Williamsburg  

If Williamsburg is not a part of your bucket list, you might just have a change of mind after reading the rest of this post. We’ll share with you five of the compelling reasons why this city will be worth your time and money. Regardless if you travel on your own or with other people, […]